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... Without Wasting Time, or Hiring Someone You Don’t Trust (Or Putting a Lot of Money Into a Policy That Doesn't Live up to Your Expectations)
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What Are Others Already Saying About 'Privatized Banking Secrets?'

“Literally there is nothing like this program out there on the market. You guys pulled the curtain back on everything, I feel like I could almost go out and get my insurance license with as much knowledge as you guys have packed into this." - Jason Rink, Owner/Executive Creative Director at Simplifilm
“An amazing resource... We’re actually taking our children through the course as well right now. The way you guys laid this out allows for everybody to get a very clear understanding of what time and money freedom really looks like and how it can be easily attained." - Dr. Lee & Candice Matthis
“The value you are going to get out of this course is unbelievable… I urge you to watch it - it's for the benefit of you and your family" - Ross Stryker, CEO of Smart Asset Opportunities

How Do You Find Out EVERYTHING You NEED TO KNOW to Buy Life Insurance?

Attention: Entrepreneurially-Minded Wealth Creators
From: Rachel Marshall

Do you want to buy life insurance, but can't figure out how to get started?

Hi, my name is Rachel Marshall with The Money Advantage and here's the TRUTH you need to know about Privatized Banking!

The Biggest Problem You Face Right Now Is NOT UNDERSTANDING What You're Buying!!

Because then it can be really easy to be taken advantage of by financial advisors who sell products that benefit THEM, layering on your risk and taking away your control, and you have NO IDEA if its what you want or need.  

But that's not the end of the problem. 

It actually gets WORSE! 


It can be REALLY HARD to figure out WHO, and WHAT to Believe!

Which means if you take someone's word for what's best.

You can end up overpaying and not getting what you want, or getting a policy that doesn't perform well over time, 

or what's worse - staying in ANALYSIS MODE forever and never taking the action that will majorly benefit your life.

And, worst of all, most people can't get past the idea that ...

... buying life insurance is boring, complicated, and hard,

and that you have to do it begrudgingly, because its good for you ... like plugging your nose and choking down the peas.

Gilda V., Executive Director, SBS

"When I went through the Privatized Banking course, I found it fascinating how much you can do with the Privatized Banking concept. Even as an insurance agent who has been exposed to various trainings and read multiple books on the subject, the Money Advantage’s course explained Privatized Banking in the most clear, concise, and entertaining way that made it enjoyable to learn and in understandable, bite-sized pieces! 

Before researching or considering Life Insurance or any part of wealth planning, I highly recommend taking the Privatized Banking Secrets course from The Money Advantage. There is so much information, insights, and nuggets of wisdom I wish I knew before planning my own financial future. 

Rachel does an amazing job engaging students in learning Privatized Banking concepts with effective visual aids, easy explanations, and relatable anecdotes. My only regret is that I didn't take the course sooner."

But luckily for you there is now a SOLUTION to your problem!

So, if you're entrepreneurially-minded wealth creator who really needs to buy life insurance, but can't figure out how to get started ...

... Here's the solution you've been looking for ... 

It’s "Privatized Banking Secrets: A Candid Conversation About Whole Life Insurance!"

This course helps you:
  • Love the process of buying life insurance 
  • Stay completely IN CONTROL by knowing what you want and exactly how to get it
  • Get only the most practical, actionable information you can use right away, without useless facts and calculations
  • ​See the big picture of exactly how life insurance benefits you, and VISUALIZE all the important parts, so you can really understand it's beautiful simplicity
  • ​Silence your inner critic by answering all of your burning questions and concerns, so you can move forward and confidently purchase your policy you'll use and love for the rest of your life
  • ​... and much, MUCH more!
And best of all... you'll start seeing results with "Privatized Banking Secrets: A Candid Conversation About Whole Life Insurance" in AS LITTLE AS A WEEKEND.

So, if you want more solid ground, CERTAINTY, and CONTROL while you achieve time and money freedom faster ...

Understand this:

The BEST TIME to buy life insurance was 20 years ago. 

The second best time is right now

Today, you're the youngest, healthiest, and most insurable that you'll ever be another day in your life.

But you don't have to do it blindly.

Lane Kawaoka, Host of Podcast

"Infinite Banking is the way to go! If you’re looking for alternative investments, but don’t really understand whole life, I would recommend the Privatized Banking Secrets course since it explains why and how you can build wealth in a different way than what you have been taught."

Jump In the Driver's Seat to TEST DRIVE a Life Insurance Policy Before You Buy

With 22 lessons and over 10 hours of video instruction, we bring life insurance as UP CLOSE and TANGIBLE as possible.

In fact, this course digs DEEPER than any single book, video, course, or even a personal meeting could, because it’s more interactive, in-depth, and technology-rich than any other limited platform could ever accomplish.

You could say this is your MBA for getting your financial foundation right

Whether you’re the conceptual person who likes lots of pictures to make sense of complex ideas, OR the analytical type who wants to immerse yourself and gain a comprehensive understanding, we’ve carefully crafted this course with you in mind to give you just what you need.

So, grab this course right now so you can finally understand what you want to buy, so you can quickly leverage the CONFIDENCE and PEACE of MIND of doing the best thing for you, your family, and your future.

The sooner you get clarity, the sooner you can start your policy, which means the quicker you can start using it to accelerate time and money freedom .

Here's Your Course 
At A Glance

See How Privatized Banking Fits Into Your Whole Personal Economy

Make all of your financial decisions with clarity so you can keep your money and use it at the same time, instead of wasting money on competing priorities

Answer Your Questions About Policy Design, Dividends, Loans, and Growth Rate with Diagrams, Illustrations And Examples

Understand how everything works, so you stay 100% in control of your decisions, instead of just trusting the "experts" and taking their word for it

Answer All The Most Common Questions And Concerns With Transparency

Answer your own inner critic and that of your loud and opinionated Uncle Al, which means you cancel the agony of second-guessing, waffling, and future buyer's remorse

Consume All Of The Lessons Easily In A Week, Or Binge Them In A Weekend

Avoid paralysis by analysis, the never-ending research-mode that prevents you from taking action and get started fast, so you still have time to go enjoy an epic dance party with your family

Take Ownership Of The Concepts In Simple, Easy-to-understand, Everyday Language

Feel smarter effortlessly, instead of sifting through confusing, technical jargon or complicated math, which means it's practical, actionable, and usable right now ... so you'll gain mastery of your money, feel good about your choices, and enjoy talking about your decisions at the dinner table

Here Are A Few Of The Lessons Inside This Course... 

Module #1: How Privatized Banking Works

  • Lesson #1: The financial model you can use to see immediately whether a financial choice moves you towards or away from your goals.
  • Lesson #2: The one simple and easy strategy you can start right now and put on AUTOPILOT to start building wealth today, instead of waiting for years and years like everyone else thinks they have to do.
  • Lesson #3: A side-by-side comparison showing the pros and cons of each possible financial tool you could use Privatized Banking.
  • Lesson #4: ​We tackle the most common concern about whole life insurance - the perceived cost.  A simple, no-nonsense take on how life insurance works.
  • Lesson #5: See how adding this one simple step to your current investing strategy allows you to save AND invest with the same dollars, BOOSTING your returns, with no extra out of pocket money and no added risk. 
  • Lesson #6: See why using life insurance cash value is better than paying cash with this one groundbreaking truth (HINT: it's not "pay yourself interest") and see why life insurance wins over typical bank savings as a place to store cash for your LIFETIME cash needs.
  • Lesson #7: Time travel through your next 10 years to see how you could create time and money freedom with a specially designed policy by leveraging your cash value to purchase actual cash-flowing real estate with real addresses.
  • Lesson #8: Calculate exactly how much death benefit you should get (the MOST underrated power of life insurance), so you make sure your family can live out the life you dreamed of together, no matter what.
  • Lesson #9: See exactly how whole life insurance gives you the PERMISSION to spend your other assets, increasing your spendable income later in life. 

Module #2: The Illustration Deep-Dive

  • Lesson #10: Get your hands on the NUMBERS inside a life insurance illustration.  So you know what everything means, why it matters, and most importantly, what it does for you.
  • Lesson #11: Conquer the questions about internal costs and find out just how much CASH VALUE you can expect to have access to in the early years.
  • Lesson #12: Get acquainted with the internal rate of return on your life insurance policy, how to calculate it, and what it means.
  • Lesson #13: Find out how we optimize policies for maximum early cash value AND maximum long-term growth (and the one thing all gurus who say there's only one perfect formula are forgetting).
  • Lesson #14: Grab the steering wheel and get a feel for taking POLICY LOANS and paying them back, and see the real-time impacts to cash value and death benefit.

Module #3: Whole Life 
Answer Series

  • Lesson #15: Why agent commissions aren't the engine driving the recommendation, but rather the caboose. And learn the surprising TRUTH when you compare the fees paid to an advisor for managed money.
  • ​Lesson #16: We'll answer all of your questions ... What about inflation? What if interest rates change? What if the dollar collapses? What if I’m not insurable? What if I’m too old? And much, MUCH more!
  • Lesson #17: How to build a system of policies over time starting right where you are, know exactly what to do next, and layer the next right steps upon the next right steps to maximize your capacity for lifetime wealth creation.
  • Lesson #18: See how to build generational wealth using Privatized Banking as a whole family wealth-building system to span multiple generations ... and get a HANDS-ON exercise to trace the flow of wealth in your own family.
  • Lesson #19: Are you struggling to get your spouse, partner, or business partner on board with Privatized Banking, but you need their buy-in to make it work? Here's how to respectfully open the vulnerable dialogue about your desires and aspirations, so you can grow together, not apart!
  • ​Lesson #20: Not sure if it will work for you personally? Find out what you should already have in place in your financial life before you're ready for Privatized Banking.
  • Lesson #21: Find out exactly what to expect as you take the next step to start your Privatized Banking policy today!

Mike Cobb, Chairman & CEO, ECI Development

"As a 25-year practitioner in the alternative investment space, this course clearly outlines what every person who desires financial freedom should know. Much of this material should be taught in High School, and if it was, our Nation would be in far better shape. The generational wealth planning section is particularly powerful as it focuses first on the generational education needed to steward wealth to future generations. Yes, it’s about acquiring assets, but preservation is key.

Rachel and Bruce have delivered a powerful message and means to the marketplace. You’ll be wise to jump in with both feet and absorb the practical, very straight forward lessons to build, protect, and foster true wealth in all its forms for you, your family, community, and the Nation."

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With
Privatized Banking Secrets Course

Module #1: How Privatized Banking Works ($499 Value)

Your solution to organize your entire financial life, manage your cash flow most efficiently, and do the most with every dollar so you get 100% clarity on how to advance towards time and money freedom,  which means you can celebrate the milestones as you quickly make huge traction on your financial goals.

Module #2: The Illustration Deep-Dive ($499 Value)

Your key to turn a life insurance illustration from a mind-numbing sea of numbers into a map that you can read with ease, which helps you never be overwhelmed or confused in reading a life insurance illustration again, test-drive a policy before you own it, and experience the simplicity and guarantees you get while using your policy.

Module #3: Whole Life Answer Series ($499 Value)

The shortcut to get answers to questions from thousands of people in your shoes, so you can take action with confidence and own your decision to use Privatized Banking, which means you can leverage it to its full capacity.

Act Now And Get These 
Incredible Bonuses...

BONUS #1: The Money Advantage Club ($299 Value)

This private Facebook group is an exclusive community to get feedback and help quickly, so you can feel connected to a growing community of wealth hackers like yourself and feel confident as you build time and money freedom faster with a tribe of like-minded people.

BONUS #2: Savings Secrets eBook: ($20 Value)

This savings action plan is the secret to implementing a practical savings system to pay yourself first, gain back control of your financial life, and set yourself on track to achieving time and money freedom, so that savings becomes a thing you not only know, but actually do, a commitment you keep with yourself ... easily.

BONUS #3: Savings Secrets Cheat Sheet ($12 Value)

This one-page guide is a quick glance visual that makes it simple for you to set up and maintain your "pay yourself first" savings system easily, while spending less effort, energy, and time on this financial foundation, so you can spend the bulk of your financial energy on cash-flow investing.

Here's Everything You Get Today

  • MODULE #1: How Privatized Banking Works ($499 Value)
  • MODULE #2: The Illustration Deep-Dive ($499 Value)
  • MODULE #3: Whole Life Answer Series ($499 Value)
  • ​BONUS #1: The Money Advantage Club Private Facebook Group ($299 Value)
  • ​BONUS #2: Savings Secrets eBook: ($20 Value)
  • BONUS #3: Savings Secrets Cheat Sheet ($12 Value)
Total Value: $1828
But today, you're getting all of this...
FOR ONLY: $197
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Get Privatized Banking Secrets now so you can understand your life insurance policy (or the one you're buying) and get answers to all your Privatized Banking questions!

Here Is Our "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee

We’re so committed to answering all of your most important questions about Privatized Banking, so you can reach your financial goals, build solid ground and certainty beneath you, and have the opportunity to invest in cash-flowing assets with confidence … that we want to make 100% sure that you have the right resources to guide you along the way.  

If for any reason, you complete the Privatized Banking Secrets course, and have not accomplished your goal of understanding everything you need to know to buy life insurance, we’ll give you your money back!  

Yep! Seriously.

So get on board with your risk-free access to the Privatized Banking Secrets course right now!

Meet the Instructors

Rachel Marshall

Rachel Marshall is the Co-Founder and Chief Financial Educator of The Money Advantage. She is known for making money simple, fun, and doable.

Rachel is the co-host of The Money Advantage podcast, the popular business and personal finance show. She teaches how to keep more of the money you make, protect it, and turn it into cash-flowing assets.

Bruce Wehner

Bruce Wehner is an Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner and the Chief Cash Flow Strategist for The Money Advantage, designing and communicating the individualized solutions that help our clients increase their cash flow and financial control.

Bruce not only teaches clients how to use the Infinite Banking Concept, but he also models it in his own life. He is a business owner, real estate investor, and the owner of multiple specially-designed whole life insurance policies.
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